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7 Pillars of Customer Experience Management

The European telecoms market is changing! This extract from the CEM in Telecoms Global report looks at the ways the industry can build a customer-centric company culture, action VOC, enhance their digital transformation and break down silos in order to secure long term retention and customer lifetime value. With insight from Vodafone Germany, Kyvistar and many more, this chapter is your guide to becoming a CEM Sherpa and leading your colleagues along the path to customer centricity. Learn more

Beecham Predict the Future of Connected Cars

In today’s climate, connectivity is king! Creating The Connected Car is one such area where connectivity is changing our lives, aiming to improve driver safety, whilst connecting the vehicle with the outside world to provide an all round better driving experience. It is an exciting time for OEMs everywhere, that much cannot be denied. However, how connected cars affect the automotive industry is still up for debate. Can we predict the future of autonomous vehicles? Automotive IQ gathers insight from Beecham Research on the future of connected cars. Learn more

10 IOT Trailblazers

Savvy brands that find ways to unleash the commercial potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) may well win big. According to research carried out by CB Insights investors pumped $1.1bn (£667m) into Internet of Things technology in 2013. A well-publicised recent (February 2014) purchase was Google’s $3.2 billion purchase of Nest Labs, one of the 10 trailblazers featured in this article. Learn more

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How to Make Emerging Revenue Streams Profitable

Whilst the proliferation of OTT services is highly disruptive and a genuine threat to operators, several revenue streams have opened up, as the industry finds ways to operate under the new paradigm brought about by these disruptive technologies. Learn more

How to keep customer-centricity at the front of your company’s mind-set

Your company needs to know the key themes that have to be integrated into the business in order to stay ahead of competitors, the best methods of implementation and the mistakes to leave behind. Telecoms iQ presents the first step to putting your customers at the heart of all your internal processes and making their experience your competitive differentiator… Learn more

Customer Experience in the Telecoms Sector 2015: A Global Report

Telecoms markets around the world are totally saturated, and with churn rates remaining high, delivering a sophisticated and personalised service through multiple channels has become a top priority for operators all over the globe. Produced ahead of the Customer Experience Management in Telecoms Global Summit, this report highlights global CEM trends and case studies as well as featuring expert insight on customer retention, improving employee engagement and delivering a best-in-class network experience. Learn more

Avoid Churn, Customers Aren't Butter

Being able to decipher which retention method is actually useful for your company is quickly becoming the competitive differentiator amongst telecommunications companies. With an exclusive insight from the Senior Director of Sales and Retention at Comcast, Heather Lyon, who has revolutionized the way Comcast is reducing churn and keeping customers loyal, it is time to find out how your customer experience program can really impact your bottom line! Learn more

What Your Company Can Learn from Forrester's US Customer Experience Index 2014 Survey

As a customer experience management (CEM) professional you know the value that providing excellent customer service can bring. Learning more about the way your customers see you, and making changes that improve the experience and impression your customers have of you, is one very valuable way that you can differentiate your company within a competitive market. Unlike other disciplines, CEM is focused on putting the customer at the heart of your business – from their perspective. This gives you the insight to execute on the things that will not only retain your existing customers, but also the things that will drive new customers to do business with you. Learn more

A recent study carried out by a customer intelligence firm found that customer experience will be the most important business strategy among B2B companies in 2020. While telecom operators have been focused on CEM for B2C customers, the importance of the B2B customer in the CEM strategy appears to be coming under the spotlight more and more. But how do their needs differentiate from the B2C sector and what steps can carriers implement to design a B2B-specific customer centric experience? Telecoms IQ looks at 7 steps telecom operators can take to develop strategies specific to CEM in Telecoms B2B Learn more

Tags: cem | b2c | b2b
Wearables: The Shape Of Things To Come

In collaboration with Beecham Research, Telecoms iQ presents: Wearables - The Shape of Things to Come. An insightful whitepaper that focuses on the emerging trends and key disruptors for key players in the wearable industry. Learn more

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