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Data Analytics
Contributor: Maya Fowell
Posted: 07/29/2015
What are North American carriers investing in?
Telecoms IQ recently conducted a North American industry survey to find out the challenges carriers are facing today. The results we identified include:

- Gaining company-wide buy in for CEM programmes
- Understanding and actioning the Voice of the Customer
- Incorporating digital into customer care strategies

In light of this, the role of solution providers and technology providers will be instrumental to the success of telecom carriers in the North American market over the next 18-24 months. Find out the full story by downloading the infographic below. Full Content »
Contributor: Maya Fowell
Posted: 07/29/2015
BMW's Strategy for Building the Best Connected Car
Digital experience and connectivity in the car will become more imperative for premium cars as the experience and expectations of the customer keeps going up. If the younger demographic buy cars they need to consume media in the car like they are used to out of the car. 20% of customers would switch their brand if the digital experience is not on par with others.

BMW is at the forefront of providing what customers want and expect. This exclusive interview finds out the strategies BMW has in place to build the best connected car. Full Content »
Contributor: Jason McGee-Abe
Posted: 06/05/2015
Jason McGee-Abe

Pegasystems and Ericsson have initiated a partnership to help operators provide a consistent omnichannel retail experience. The Pega Marketing application will complement Ericsson's existing portfolio and help service providers anticipate and respond to customer needs in real time.

Pegasystems and Ericsson have formed a global partnership to Full Content »
Posted: 04/28/2015
Avoid Churn, Customers Aren't Butter
Being able to decipher which retention method is actually useful for your company is quickly becoming the competitive differentiator amongst telecommunications companies.

With an exclusive insight from the Senior Director of Sales and Retention at Comcast, Heather Lyon, who has revolutionized the way Comcast is reducing churn and keeping customers loyal, it is time to find out how your customer experience program can really impact your bottom line! Full Content »
Contributor: Telecoms IQ
Posted: 04/28/2015
The Key to Customer Profitability
It is a tale as old as time, in order to gain customer profitability you must first know which customers are worth investing in – and therein lies the problem. However, with so many methods out there claiming to be solutions, finding the right strategy for your company can be tricky.

Telecoms IQ speaks to Tanya Zyabkina, Director of Marketing Analytics at Time Warner Cable, to decipher how you can make your customers profitable; and why understanding how the solar systems works is vital to understanding customer behavior, churn reduction and creating a loyal customer base. Full Content »
Contributor: Maya Fowell
Posted: 04/23/2015
Why Optimising Your Network Is Simply No Longer Enough
It is no longer enough for MNOs to simply focus on network optimisation, says Gurpreet Lachhar, Capacity and Performance Manager, Three UK.

Importance should be placed on forecasting your data management journey, preparing for the introduction of data-hungry services, making sure data traffic does not negatively impact your customers and the best strategies for monetising the data they use.

Read on to find out how, like Three UK, you can stay ahead of the curve Full Content »
Contributor: Maya Fowell
Posted: 04/23/2015
Adopting The Right KPIs To Measure Mobile Network Performance Management
How does your organisation identify the right KPIs to use to measure QoS for efficient network performance management? There can often be a lack of alignment with the CTO and the CMO of carriers not having the same KPIs in place. Hroje Jerkovic at VipNet gives Telecoms iQ advice on how organisations should plan for assessing different KPIs that they can use to measure network performance and service quality? Full Content »
Contributor: Telecoms IQ
Posted: 04/23/2015
How to create a Big Data money-making machine: How telcos are REALLY monetizing Big Data?
With some sources estimating that data network traffic from smartphones will grow more than 50-fold by 2016 it’s clear that telecommunications companies are awash with data. But there’s a big difference between panning for gold and actually striking it. So how are telcos REALLY monetizing big data? Full Content »
Posted: 04/20/2015
Wearable Woman - The Official Comic Book
Wearable Woman is the official comic book for Wearables Europe.

We find Wearable Woman midst adventure as she battles against the forces that oppose innovation and seek to destroy the advancement of technology. How does Wearable Woman save the lives of those in the business world who could better improve their processes? Read on to find out... Full Content »
Posted: 03/27/2015
EuroComms Big Data Special Report 2013
European Communications’ second annual big data survey shows that while the industry is making steady progress, it seems to have fallen down the agenda at some operators, while vendors will be encouraged by the numbers considering big data outsourcing. Full Content »
Contributor: Telecoms IQ
Posted: 03/27/2015
The Goldmine in our Pockets: How Telecommunications Companies are Monetizing Big Data
Telecommunications companies are racing to figure out how to make money from the vast quantities of data their subscribers generate every day. But to really strike gold, does the industry first need to understand that this requires a radical reinvention of their business model? Full Content »