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About Telecoms IQ

Telecoms IQ is a global online resource centre dedicated to providing the latest Telecommunication & media intelligence. 
We deliver the latest, up-to-date, insightful, and unbiased information pertaining to the entire Telecommunication Industry. The focus is on peer to peer sharing of what it really takes to harness the power of people, process and technology and improve business operations. Coverage includes Customer Experience & CRM, Data Analytics, Marketing & Social Media, Network Strategy, Service Development and more.
We provide a plethora of free online content featuring the latest telecommunication news headed by Editor-In-Chief, Maya Fowell.  We build on the relationships with industry key leaders and create executive content for our members to enjoy and use to their advantage when making their business decisions.
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Plus! We explore telecommunication developments and facilitate the continued learning of telecommunication professionals. We offer 30+ technical and CEM telecommunication conferences across Europe, South America and North America, with attendees from the entire global telecommunication network. To keep you in the know about technical, strategic and commercial issues that affect your bottom line.